Business-Led Innovation Transforms Retail & Manufacturing

Anyone can now build apps, automations, and copilots. Can security keep up?


Maintaining operations when everyone is a developer is no easy feat

With AI, low-code, and no-code tools, the supply chain gets even more complex

Data Leakage

Apps and automations require access to sensitive data to work but less technical users create less technically sound apps

Zapier Storage Exposes Sensitive Customer Data Due to Poor User Choices

Supply Chain Attacks

If one component is insecure or unpatched, lots of apps, automations, and copilots can become immediately impacted

Unlocking Supply Chain Transparency for Low-Code/No-Code Apps with SBOM

Shadow App Development

With IT no longer needed to build powerful business apps, visibility over who creates what is decreased

Who is Securing the Apps Built by Generative AI?

Vulnerability Management

With thousands of apps to manage, security teams must demonstrate that they know how to identify and mitigate vulnerabilities

Microsoft Copilot Studio: What to Know from a Security Perspective
The solution

Unleash citizen development and Generative AI throughout the enterprise

The Zenity security governance platform empowers retail and manufacturing companies to enable business users to be productive and efficient

zenity platform dashboard

Real-time Inventory

Automatically identify all apps, automations, flows, and bots created across various AI and low-code platforms

Risk and Hygiene Assessment

Assess each resource for vulnerabilities, including third-party components, and map them to popular security frameworks

Implement Playbooks and Policies

As risks are identified, empower security teams with the ability to enforce guardrails for secure development

Enable secure, business-led innovation

With Zenity, retail and manufacturing enterprises can ensure that as people get closer to AI, low-code, and no-code development, that the apps and automations are secure


Minimize Data Leakage

Prevent apps and AI copilots from leaking data outside the corporate boundaries

Minimize Data Leakage

Enhance Supply Chain Security

Empower business users with the knowledge that security can spot any risky components being built into apps and copilots

Citizen Development

Eliminate Shadow App Development

Identify and assess each individual app, automation, and copilot that is created by citizen developers


Reduce Noise and Respond

Prioritize what matters most from a security and business criticality perspective and implement autonomous guardrails for secure development


Securing my LCNC – Where to Start?

Based on our experience working with many of the world’s largest and most complex organizations, we’ve compiled the three main pillars organizations need to enact when it comes to securing and governing low-code/no-code development.
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