Financial Services

Securely Unlock Citizen Development in Financial Services

Unlock the power of business application and AI development by implementing strong security across all AI, low-code, and no-code platforms

AppSec for citizen development in financial services

Protecting customer data is no small task

Zenity enables financial services organizations to trust that citizen development is being done securely, despite the new challenges that arise

Data Leakage

Citizen development means that people of all technical backgrounds are building more apps, automations, and dataflows that interact with sensitive financial and personal data

The Rise of Generative AI in Citizen Development (and Cybersecurity Challenges That Come With It)

Platform Complexity

There are numerous development platforms that all speak their own languages and are hard to account for the variety of apps, automations, copilots, and GPTs that are built

Gen AI

Lack of Visibility

Citizen development creates huge new blind spots for security teams as they try to understand who is building what, on what platforms, and what data is created

Who is Securing the Apps Built by Generative AI?

Vulnerability Management

Security teams must demonstrate that they know how to identify and mitigate vulnerabilities among tens- or hundreds-of thousands of apps

The solution

Securely unleash citizen development

The Zenity platform addresses multifaceted security and compliance challenges facing financial services organizations that stem from AI and business application development

zenity platform dashboard

Continuous Scanning

Automatically scan AI, low-code, and no-code environments for centralized visibility of all apps, copilots, and automations

Real-Time Risk Assessment

Assign risk scores to each app, including which interact with sensitive/private data, what vulnerabilities exist, and more

Automated Enforcement

Implement security policies and playbooks to prevent data leaks and restrict access to sensitive data

Find the right balance between security and operations

With proper security and governance, citizen development can, and should be a force multiplier for innovation


Democratize Development

Empower business users of all technical backgrounds to get closer to technology and build powerful apps, automations, and copilots

The Power of Low-Code/No-Code Development in Changing Application Development Landscape

Bolster Security

Discover risks occurring as professional and citizen developers are building apps and provide them with education and guardrails to ensure security

Gen AI

Maintain Compliance

Meet GDPR, PCI, and SOX compliance with data security controls, privacy by design, secure app development, and robust audit logging for all apps and automations


Reduce Costs

Identify unused or unowned resources that can add up unnecessary funds as well as create blindspots for security

An Explainer for how AI and Low-Code/No-Code are Friends, not Foes

Zenity Becomes the First Company to Provide Application Security for Enterprise AI Copilots

Zenity today has announced full support to become the first company with the ability to secure custom-built Enterprise AI Copilots, or embedded Generative AI Copilots.
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