Microsoft Copilot Studio: What to Know from a Security Perspective

December 7th at 11am EST / 8am PST

Microsoft recently introduced Copilot Studio at their Ignite Conference, allowing users to seamlessly integrate Generative AI Copilots into their applications through a no-code approach. This naturally opens up lots of new security risks.

Zenity has become the first company to offer comprehensive support for securing and governing this groundbreaking tool, ensuring CISOs and security teams can navigate the evolving landscape of ‘build-your-own-AI’. Join us for a webinar featuring Zenity’s CTO and Co-Founder Michael Bargury, and Director of Product Management Ziv Daniel Hagbi, where they will discuss:

  • Common Vulnerabilities: Gain insights into potential security threats associated with Microsoft Copilot Studio.
  • Best Practices for Secure Development: Learn practical tips and strategies to enhance the security of your Copilot Studio Projects.
  • Zenity’s New Security Capabilities: Explore the innovative features designed to deter attackers and safeguard your data.

Don’t miss the chance to stay ahead in the era of ‘build-your-own-AI’. Join us for an exclusive webinar with Michael and Ziv to delve into the nuances of securing Copilot Studio and discover how Zenity’s cutting-edge solutions can fortify your AI development.


Michael Bargury

Co-Founder and CTO, Zenity

Ziv Hagbi

Director of Product Management

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