Empower Business-Led Development with Strong Security

Empower security teams to keep up with business-led development 
without slowing things down

business-led development

Citizen development presents new challenges 
for security

With Zenity, enterprises leaning on Al and low-code platforms to build apps, automations, and bots can do so while steering clear of the unique challenges

No Software Development Lifecycle (SDLC)

Rather than defined stages of planning, development, testing, deployment, monitoring, and ongoing maintenance business users create apps and automations and get them into production with just a few simple clicks

Where There’s No Code, There’s No SDLC

No Code to Scan

Existing application security tools rely on scanning code, but what happens when there is no code? Instead of code, there are configuration files that require knowledge of the different platforms to understand and translate

The Power of Low-Code/No-Code Development in Changing Application Development Landscape

Huge Reliance on Business-Led Innovation

Professional developers and IT teams get bogged down with mundane requests, which citizen development can alleviate. But how can security keep track of thousands of developers now building their own resources?

Microsoft Copilot Studio: What to Know from a Security Perspective

Supply Chain Risks

As citizen developers build apps and automations quicker than ever, they rely on sets of third-party components and GPTs that are part of low-code platforms, yet are irregularly tested and validated

Unlocking Supply Chain Transparency for Low-Code/No-Code Apps with SBOM
The solution

Securely unleash citizen development

With Zenity’s security governance platform, security teams can feel confident that citizen developers are using Gen Al and low-code tools effectively

Business-Level Logic

Deeply understand each individual app and automation, including who built it, what’s in it, and more

Vulnerability Management

Tangible and business-driven violation reports so you can focus on what matters most

Automated Response

Create new policies and playbooks to prevent hard-coded secrets, data leakage, and over-sharing

Implement security that can keep up

Application development isn’t just for developers anymore. A new security solution is here.


Pinpoint Risks

Eliminate shadow app development and automatically highlight the most critical risks facing your organization


Drive Innovation

Empower citizen developers to use Generative AI and low-code tools without worrying about if they’re building apps correctly

Zenity Leads the Charge by Becoming the First to Bring Application Security to Enterprise AI Copilots

Save Time on Response

Tangible and business-driven violation reports help security teams focus on what matters most

Meet Audit Requirements

Implement security that is rooted in best practice frameworks like the OWASP Top 10 and MITRE to easily meet audit requests

White Paper

Security Governance Framework for Low-Code/No-Code Development

Many organizations today leverage low-code and no-code tools to empower professional and citizen developers to build power apps, automations, and AI Copilots. This guide explains how to approach security and governance.
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