Citizen Development

Securely Unleash Citizen Development

Enable modern business application development and move your organization forward without compromise


Citizen development means more development

While the opportunities for incorporating citizen development are immense, Zenity is here to make sure that security and governance don’t fall by the wayside

Huge Volume

As more people are building apps, automations, and copilots, it is challenging for the development platforms to keep pace

Where There’s No Code, There’s No SDLC

Lack of Visibility

Without code to scan, security teams have limited-at-best visibility into the business context for apps, automations, and copilots

With Zenity, Telit Cinterion Maximizes Low-Code/ No-Code Development While Minimizing Security Risk

Lack of Control

Default permissions make it easy for citizen developers to build resources without authentication, are over-shared, and have hard-coded secrets
Who is Securing the Apps Built by Generative AI?

Stifled Productivity

Without proper governance, many organizations simply limit or block the use of low-code and Al platforms, preventing potential efficiencies

Varonis Applies Security and Governance To Low-Code/No-Code Development with Zenity
The solution

Ensure citizen developers are responsible developers

The Zenity security governance platform meets citizen developers where they are, enabling anyone to safely automate processes with Al, create critical business apps (and more) that they need to be more productive without hindering IT

citizen developer zenity dashboard

Visibility at Scale

Continuously maintain cross-platform inventory of all low-code/no-code apps, AI Copilots, automations, and integrations

Risk and Hygiene Assessment

Enable security teams with insights to ensure apps are assigned proper ownership, are in use, and are secure

Real-time Governance

Automatically mitigate risk in real-time with enforcement playbooks and customizable policies

Find the right balance between security and operations

With proper security and governance, citizen development can and should be a force multiplier for innovation.


Democratize Development

Empower business users of all technical backgrounds to get closer to technology

The 7 Deadly Sins of Low-Code/No-Code Security and How to Avoid them

Improve Security

Detect vulnerabilities and implement guardrails for secure development across various AI, low-code, and no-code platforms

An Explainer for how AI and Low-Code/No-Code are Friends, not Foes

Maintain Compliance

Easily meet audits with detailed audit logs and analytics to account for all makers and sensitive data

Who is Securing the Apps Built by Generative AI?

Harness Innovation

Enable citizen developers to use low-code platforms and generative AI to build exciting new resources without IT

White Paper

The CISO’s Guide to Securing Citizen Development

Many organizations today leverage low-code and no-code tools to empower professional and citizen developers to build power apps, automations, and AI Copilots. This guide explains how to approach security and governance.
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