Maximize IT and Citizen Development within ServiceNow

ServiceNow is now a full-fledged development platform, including robust Generative AI capabilities, app builders, and more


ServiceNow is no longer just for IT

Zenity provides the depth needed to truly secure the resources that are created via ServiceNow by professional and citizen developers alike. Common challenges include:

Complex Visibility

One application exists and circulates in different versions, and changes made in one are not automatically carried across

Business Continuity

Security and Data Risks

Difficulties in determining who built what, what data each resource can manage, and what risks exist in individual resources


Less Technical Builders

Business users are less inclined to design and configure applications and automations that have proper authentication and abide by least privilege

Citizen Development

Supply Chain Risks

The ServiceNow ecosystem includes a variety of third-party connectors, add-ons and extensions that users can easily integrate into their apps and automations

Unlocking Supply Chain Transparency for Low-Code/No-Code Apps with SBOM
The solution

Everyone is a ServiceNow developer

ServiceNow is now a full-fledged development platform. How secure are the apps, automations, and processes coming from it?

zenity ServiceNow solution

Continuous Visibility

Identify all apps, automations, and processes that are built within ServiceNow

Stop Supply Chain Attacks

Identify each component that is integrated into each resource built, including AI and GPTs

Govern with Confidence

Stop data leakage of risky and non-compliant applications with automated remediation playbooks

The benefits

Secure citizen development on ServiceNow

With Zenity, ServiceNow customers can enable anyone in the organization to automate processes, build reports, and more

Ongoing Visibility

Continuously scan ServiceNow environments to always know who is creating what

Mitigate Data Leaks

Discover risks that originate from faulty business logic, misconfigurations, dependencies, and more that can leak data

Harness the Power of Citizen Development

Govern app-building to ensure they have proper authentication, that secrets are secure, and data is only accessed by those who need it

Maintain Hygiene of the Platform

Identify unused or unowned resources that can eat up license costs and cause security risks

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