Power platform

Leverage Power 
Platform to the Max

With Power Apps, BI, Flows, and Automate, it has never been easier for professional and citizen developers to build power applications. But what about security and governance?


Taking security and governance to the next level

Zenity brings deep security and governance to Power Platform to enable enterprises to take advantage of the powerful suite of development tools

Shared Responsibility

Much like public cloud vendors, Microsoft secures Power Platform services, but not your data or the resources built on top

CoE is just a Start

The CoE is a toolkit that helps organizations get started, but the massive scale of AI-led development introduces a big challenge

Taking Power Platform Security and Governance from 0 to 60: Part 1

Guest Access

Guest accounts are used to give non-employees the ability to build their own apps, automations, and copilots; but they are hard to govern

Who is Securing the Apps Built by Generative AI?

DLP Bypass

Power Platform DLP is meant as an allow/block list and covers only part of existing running resources

Microsoft Power Platform DLP Bypass Uncovered- Finding #1
The solution

Unleash Power Platform development… Securely

Power Platform offers lots of exciting capabilities to business users, but too many security teams can’t keep up. Zenity can help

Visibility at Scale

Continuously maintain inventory of all apps, automations, and flows created throughout Power Platform

Risk and Hygiene Assessment

Call out vulnerabilities to arm security teams with insights to ensure apps are properly secured and used

Real-time Governance

Automatically enforce that all apps are properly authenticated, shared, and accessed throughout the enterprise

Needed capabilities for security and governance

Zenity provides deep, business-level logic and actionable insights to ensure Power Platform is properly secured and governed

Identify Data and Map Relationships

Apps, automations, flows, and reports do not exist in isolation. Zenity highlights relationships between resources, users, components, and more

Ability to Scale

While the CoE is a good start, it has challenges to scale; Zenity has experience managing some of the largest environments in the world

Remove Excessive Permissions

With Zenity, security teams can remove the risk of hard-coded secrets, label and protect PHI, and prevent oversharing

Maintain Order and Reduce Costs

Zenity highlights unused or unowned apps, helping to reduce unnecessary costs for ‘active’ resources in production and eliminating blind spots

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