Monitor and Secure Your Low-Code/No-Code Applications

Zenity gives you full visibility and control over your low-code/no-code application development platforms. Securely open the way to modern business applications and move your organization forward without compromise.
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Unleashing business-led development, risk free


Maintain full, up-to-date, cross-platform inventory of all low-code/no-code apps, creators and data within your organization. Gain cross-platform visibility of apps moving sensitive and business data between SaaS applications or on-prem endpoints. Identify shadow-IT business applications across your low-code/no-code fleet.


Reduce your risk surface with continuous risk assessment for low-code/no-code apps and components. Identify configuration drifts, insecure application usage, vulnerable 3rd party application components and more. Drive mitigation and remediation for discovered security issues immediately.


Design and implement a governance policy for your organization. Configure guardrails to enforce automated actions based on risk, environment and app usage. Eliminate risks without disrupting business.


Detect suspicious and malicious activity for all low-code/no-code applications such as supply-chain attacks, malware obfuscation and data leakage.