Tech Brings People Together But Security Can’t Get Left Out

Tech companies are at the forefront of innovation; but that innovation has to be secure. Enter Zenity


Citizen development introduces new risks for tech

With business users now able to leverage AI and other low-code tools to build whatever they need, Zenity can help address the unique challenges

Shadow App Development

With copilots and low-code tools, more and more apps, automations, reports, and dataflows are being built without the involvement of IT

Zenity Identifies Shadow IT Apps and Ensures Proper Governance and Security

Risky Third-Party Components

As citizen developers build their own apps and automations, they are including various third-party components that are often unverified

Unlocking Supply Chain Transparency for Low-Code/No-Code Apps with SBOM

Lost Innovation

Many tech organizations, knowing they can’t keep up from the security side are limiting or prohibiting the use of AI and low-code tools

Who is Securing the Apps Built by Generative AI?

Vulnerability Management

When facing huge volumes of new apps, security teams must demonstrate that they know how to identify and mitigate vulnerabilities

Citizen Development
The solution

Securely unleash citizen development to harness innovation

The Zenity platform secures and governs professional and citizen developed apps and automations to ensures tech companies can continue innovating

zenity platform dashboard

Real-Time Inventory

Automatically identify all apps, automations, flows, and bots created across various low-code/no-code platforms

Risk and Hygiene Assessment

Identify vulnerabilities, including over-permissioned apps & hard-coded secrets, and map them to security frameworks

Implement Playbooks and Policies

As risks are identified, enforce secure development with automated playbooks to mitigate risk in real-time

Unlock the value of AI and citizen development

With Zenity, citizen development can be a force multiplier for tech companies, not a security headache


Democratize Development

With AI, low-code, and no-code, anyone can build their own secure apps without needing IT support

Citizen Developmen

Minimize Shadow App Development

Shine a light on all apps, copilots, and automations that are created across various platforms in real-time

Zenity Identifies Shadow IT Apps and Ensures Proper Governance and Security

Mitigate Data Leakage

Continuously identify any app that leaks data and implement ongoing governance to stop exfiltration

Reduce Data Leakage

Prioritize Response

Automatically assess risk and business criticality to prioritize what matters most with customizable policies and autonomous playbooks

Case Study

Zenity Announces Series A Funding

With help from Zenity, Varonis has been able to identify misuse of LCNC tools, block risky data flows within LCNC automations and more, using granular security policies.
Read the case study

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