Business Continuity

Preserve Business Continuity

Business users and developers are building what they need, as they need it. That’s fantastic for your business – so long as you can ensure business continuity


More apps means more to account for

Zenity ensures that abandoned apps created using AI, low-code, and no-code development platforms don’t stay that way

People Leaving the Organization

As apps and automations are built there may be missing rules for assigning ownership after they leave; creating blind spots for IT and security

Taking Power Platform Security and Governance from 0 to 60: Part 1

Understanding Viral Apps

When apps are built from all corners of the organization, it is a challenge to know which are critical, creating guesswork for how to prioritize

How Microsoft uses the OWASP Low-Code / No-Code Top 10

Misconfigured Apps

Apps that do not function as intended can not only affect business operations, but are likely candidates to be leaking data

Who is Securing the Apps Built by Generative AI?

Malfunctioning Apps

Without guardrails, apps can unintentionally lead to DOS attacks, improper auto-scaling, or unintentionally deleting sensitive or critical data

The solution

Keep business operations running smoothly

The Zenity platform enables continuous discovery of applications and automations and ensuring that things are running as they should be

zenity platform screenshot

Maintain Visibility

Maintain control and awareness of all apps and automations, even as they change hands and purposes

Detect Unused Resources

Apps that are no longer used can be security risks and cost-eaters

Real-time Governance

Mitigate business process failures in real-time through policies and playbooks

Efficient business operations. Strong security

By implementing strong security and governance to AI, low-code, and no-code development, business operations can run as intended.


Take Control

Audit the entire lifecycle of each application to keep track of apps as their purposes, owners, and users change


Maintain Operations

Swiftly and successfully resolve vulnerabilities from malfunctioning, orphaned or misconfigured apps

Potential Data Exposure in ServiceNow: Challenges for Citizen Developers and Security Teams

Drive Innovation

Securely empower all business users, even less technical ones, to create powerful apps and automations that can push the business forward

Citizen Development

Stop Attackers

Find and fix apps that harm other processes or apps and/or that can be targeted by attackers as the weak link in the supply chain


Securely Power Up Business Intelligence: Zenity Introduces Security & Governance Support for PowerBI

From data visualization to interactive dashboards, Power BI has become a cornerstone for decision-making across industries. However, as organizations harness the capabilities of this robust platform, it’s crucial to be aware of the cybersecurity risks that come with end users being able to build their own reports, dashboards, tables, and more.
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