Modern App Development Needs Modern Security in Healthcare

Citizen development means it’s no longer just IT building powerful apps and automations that interact with PHI

AppSec for citizen development in healthcare

Innovation is key, but so is keeping patient data safe

Zenity empowers all business users, not just professional developers, to build their own apps and copilots, while enabling security to keep up with the new unique challenges

Data Leakage

Citizen development means more apps, automations, and dataflows that interact with sensitive data; many of which are built insecurely

Navigating the Cybersecurity Challenges of Citizen Development in Healthcare

Platform Complexity

There are numerous development platforms that all speak their own languages and are hard to account for

Power Platform

Lost Innovation

Without proper security, many organizations opt to simply not lean into citizen development, leaving lots of productivity on the table

Who is Securing the Apps Built by Generative AI?

Vulnerability Management

With thousands of apps now being developed, security teams must be able to scale to identify and mitigate vulnerabilities

The solution

Ensure Citizen Developers and Responsible Developers

Zenity’s security governance platform helps healthcare companies ensure their systems remain operational, that patient data stays secured, and that they meet compliance

zenity platform dashboard

Visibility at Scale

Continuously maintain cross-platform inventory of all AI, low-code, and no-code apps, copilots, automations, and integrations

Risk and Hygiene Assessment

Enable security teams with insights to ensure apps are properly provisioned, secured, and operational

Real-Time Governance

Automatically mitigate risk in real-time by implementing guardrails for secure development

Find the right balance between security and operations

With proper security and governance, citizen development can and should be a force multiplier for innovation



Democratize Development

With strong security, healthcare companies can empower business users of all technical backgrounds to get closer to technology

Citizen Development

Maintain Compliance

Maintain HIPAA and GDPR compliance by restricting access to apps and automations that access and process sensitive PHI and data


Reduce Costs

Identify unused or unowned resources that can add up unnecessary funds and create blind spots for security

Business Continuity

Harness Innovation

Enable both professional and citizen developers to use AI and low-code platforms to build exciting new resources without requiring help from IT

Gen AI
Case Study

With Zenity, Telit Cinterion Maximizes Low-Code/ No-Code Development While Minimizing Security Risk

Zenity’s innovative security and governance solution for no-code/low-code applications, automations and integrations allow Telit Cinterion to leverage LCNC platforms fully while minimizing associated security risks.
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