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May 23 2024 @ 1pm

The Error Up There: Security Needed for Copilots

Copilots aren’t just for aviation anymore; they are embedded into nearly every business and personal productivity tool out there today, be…
April 24 2024 @ 10am

From Ancient Greece to Now: A History of the Democratization of Application Development and Security

Join us for this webinar where we will explore the evolution of application development, the role of Generative AI, and how security teams…
June 28 @ 8am

AI and Low-Code / No-Code: Friends or Foes?

Join us for this webinar where we will separate myth with reality
December 7 @ 11am

Microsoft Copilot Studio: What to Know from a Security Perspective

Join us for an exclusive webinar to delve into the nuances of securing Copilot Studio
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