Zenity Becomes the First Company to Provide Application Security for Enterprise AI Copilots

TEL AVIV, IsraelNov. 22, 2023 /PRNewswire/ — Zenity today has announced full support to become the first company with the ability to secure custom-built Enterprise AI Copilots, or embedded Generative AI Copilots.

With Microsoft recently announcing Microsoft Copilot Studio, both professional and citizen developers can now build standalone custom AI Copilots using a no-code approach. They can also build plugins directly to Microsoft’s Generative AI Copilot. As such, people of all technical backgrounds are able to create powerful enterprise AI Copilots that have a wide range of access to corporate data and systems. While amazing for productivity and efficiency, the ability for citizen developers to embed AI agents within enterprise business processes presents huge risks to security leaders. To note, several high profile companies such as JP Morgan ChaseSamsung, and the US Space Force have limited the use of Generative AI for employees over the past several months due to cybersecurity concerns.

Michael Bargury, CTO and Co-Founder of Zenity adds, “Data leakage is the number one threat stemming from Enterprise AI Copilots. As employees, third-party vendors, and other business users are now building their own Copilots, it is easier than ever to make a mistake that ends up in data leakages, connecting Copilots to business data on one hand and the open web on the other. Without proper guardrails for development, user impersonation, secrets exposure, and over-shared data is more common than ever. Ongoing visibility and proper security controls have never been more important.”

Zenity’s newly added security support includes the following capabilities:

  • Identify all custom Copilots that are built within Microsoft Copilot Studio, and which applications are subsequently built with AI Copilots-  Find which Copilots are leaking corporate data, such as a Copilot that exposes sensitive Sharepoint sites to the Internet
  • Identify the components that are integrated into each Copilot and ensuing application with automatic risk assessment and corresponding SBOM file
  • Stop data leakage of risky and non-compliant Copilots with automated remediation playbooks

Ben Kliger, CEO and Co-Founder of Zenity adds, “I am incredibly proud of our team, as we continuously innovate through research and by listening to the pains of our customers and partners. Everyone is excited by the intersection of no-code and Gen-AI and the tie-in to professional and citizen development. But in enterprises, IT and security leaders want it to be done responsibly, with proper visibility and security guardrails. Zenity helps them achieve that with an agentless, enterprise-ready approach.”

For more information, check out the Zenity blog, or visit https://www.zenity.io.

About Zenity

Zenity, the world’s first company focused on securing and governing low-code/no-code and Generative AI based development, protects organizations from security threats, helps meet compliance, and enables business continuity. Established in 2021, many of the world’s leading organizations trust Zenity to help configure security guardrails, generate prioritized lists of vulnerabilities, and accurately pinpoint and remediate vulnerabilities by continuously scanning all connected low-code/no-code and GenAI development platforms with centralized visibility, risk assessment, and governance. For more information, visit us at https://www.zenity.io.


Andrew Silberman
Director of Marketing; andrews@zenity.io; (781) 258-2821

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