Extend ServiceNow with Low-Code Capabilities. Secure Low-Code Development with Zenity

ServiceNow features an extensive low-code platform, called App Engine (part of the Creator Workflows offering) to enable business users to create features and build out their own apps to extend the platform to do what they need. This democratization of development is only exacerbated and accelerated by the introduction of Generative AI capabilities. As apps and automations are built on top of ServiceNow, security teams are left catching up.
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Everyone is a Developer with ServiceNow. But What About Security?

ServiceNow has certain governance and security measures in place to ensure the platform is available, durable, and functional. However, the security controls are similar to how cloud vendors approach their respective platforms and underlying infrastructure, but not the resources built on the platform itself. 

Not only does ServiceNow have its own set of administrators, engineers, architects, and business users, inherently creating business siloes, the platform also lacks the depth needed to truly secure the resources that are created using the tools. 

Here are some key things to consider when approaching security for apps and automations built on ServiceNow:

  • Resources built on top of ServiceNow often integrate with a variety of other apps, services and data sources, leading to a lack of centralized visibility and defined ownership
  • Within ServiceNow, the same application exists and circulates in many different versions, and changes made in one instance are not automatically carried across to others 
  • Many business users using ServiceNow are less inclined to design and configure applications and automations that are secure, which can lead to data leakage, insecure credential sharing, insecure dependencies and more
  • The ServiceNow ecosystem includes a variety of connectors, add-ons and extensions that users can integrate into their apps and automations, with the latest Gartner Magic Quadrant citing over 3,000 apps available, 2,000+ of which are from external sources. 
  • The speed at which professional and citizen developers can create and deploy apps and automations within ServiceNow means businesses may end up with little visibility into what exists within their IT estate

Only Zenity provides the visibility, risk assessment, and governance controls necessary to ensure that ServiceNow deployments don’t become security liabilities and cost-eaters.

Secure and Empower Professional and Citizen Developers using ServiceNow

Zenity is a firm advocate that businesses not only should, but must use low-code platforms to get more done. However, we also recognize the need for strong security and governance to control all apps and automations, identify vulnerabilities, and enforce proper usage:

End-to-End Visibility
  • Continuously scan ServiceNow environments to ensure that security teams and ServiceNow administrators always know who is creating what, and are aware of the relationships between users, data, and applications
  • Automatically discover applications and workflows as they are created within ServiceNow 
  • See and assess all potential ServiceNow App Engine security risks through a continuously updated app inventory
  • Evaluate the role that each app plays in the business and identify component relationships
Automated Risk Assessment
  • Ongoing risk assessment of ServiceNow low-code environments to detect underlying risks and vulnerabilities of each created resource; map risks to common security frameworks like the OWASP Top 10 and MITRE
  • Comprehensive, out-of-the-box knowledge base with actionable remediation, automated playbooks, and triage recommendations 
  • Automatically  discover risks that originate from faulty business logic, misconfigurations, third-party dependencies, add-ons, and more
Governance at Scale
  • Leverage custom policies and automated playbooks, to mitigate security violations in ServiceNow in a granular, environment-specific way
  • Ensure that as the business grows and undergoes continuous digital transformation, that members of the workforce can harness the power and flexibility that ServiceNow provides – while keeping security risks in check
  • Identify unused or unowned resources that can eat up license costs and cause security risks

Maximum Power. Minimum Risk.

As one of the most advanced and widely used Low-Code/No-Code solutions, ServiceNow is an obvious choice for organizations that want to empower all business users to build on top of the ServiceNow platform to get more done. Zenity provides the visibility, risk assessment and governance features to ensure both professional and citizen developers can build what they need, without putting the organization at risk.

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