Empower Citizen Developers with Power Platform. Secure Them with Zenity

Microsoft Power Platform is one of the most advanced No-Code/Low-Code solutions available, empowering every employee to create the digital solutions that they need, on their own, without IT assistance or supervision. However, as a development platform, not a security platform, it can introduce a variety of security risks for companies that don’t invest in mitigating them.
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Power Platform Doesn’t Automatically Mitigate Security Risks

As one of the most advanced No-Code/Low-Code solutions available, Microsoft Power Platform is an excellent tool for businesses that want to empower everyone – marketers, HR and finance staff, customer support teams and beyond – to create the digital solutions that they need, on their own without IT interference or supervision.

However, because Power Platform is a development platform, not a security platform, it can introduce a variety of security risks into the business:

  • Power Platform users hold “the keys to the kingdom” because Power Platform apps often integrate with a variety of other apps, services and data sources with no centralized visibility and weak authentication controls.
  • Power Platform places development tooling into the hands of non-professional developers, but users aren’t always equipped to make the best decisions about how to design and configure apps and automations. Oversights or poor practices can lead to data leakage, insecure credentials sharing, insecure dependencies and more.
  • The Power Platform ecosystem includes a variety of connectors, add-ons and extensions that users can integrate into their apps and automations. But because many of these resources come from third parties rather than Microsoft, they are not always trustworthy or secure.
  • The ease with which citizen-developers can create and deploy apps and automations on Power Platform means businesses may end up with little visibility into where Power apps and automations exist within their IT estate, let alone whether those are secretly designed and configured.

In other words, while Power Platform is powerful development solution for business users, it doesn’t provide the visibility, risk assessment or governance controls necessary to ensure that Power Platform developments don’t become security liabilities.

Conquer Power Platform Security Risks with Zenity

Zenity enhances Power Platform with the features that businesses need to track apps and automations, identify potential security risks within them and enforce governance requirements.

End-to-end Visibility

You can’t protect what you don’t see. Zenity ensures that you always know all the apps, automations, users, connections, and their relationships, within your organization by automatically discovering and cataloging them. That means your IT and security teams can see and assess all potential Power Platform security risks through a continuously updated app inventory. They can also evaluate the role that each app plays in the business and identify component relationships.

Automated Risk Assessment

Zenity continuously scans Power Platform for risks and vulnerabilities and then provides a full knowledge base and actionable remediation. Zenity’s risk assessment capabilities are based on OWASP and MITRE recommendations. With Zenity, you can automatically discover risks that originate from faulty business logic, misconfigurations, third-party dependencies, and add-ons and more.

Governance at Scale

By leveraging custom policies and automated playbooks, you can take action to mitigate security violations in Power Platform in a granular, environment-sensitive way. In turn, you ensure that your business can keep growing – and keep benefiting from the flexibility that Power Platform brings to citizen-developers – while keeping security risks in check.

Maximum Power. Minimum Risk.

As one of the most advanced and widely used Low-Code/No-Code solutions, Power Platform is an obvious choice for businesses that want to empower all users to be citizen-developers. Zenity provides the visibility, risk assessment and governance features that aren’t built into Power Platform itself to ensure citizen-developers can build what they need without placing the organization at risk.

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