Ensure Compliance for Low-Code/No-Code Development

Zenity is the only solution that governs and protects low-code/no-code development, enabling companies to unleash and promote professional and citizen development while maintaining compliance

Modern Application Development is a Major Catalyst of Digital Transformation… And Non-Compliance

The Power

Low-code/no-code development platforms enable anyone to build applications, automations, connections, integrations (and more) that they need to become more efficient and effective. No matter their background and skills, with low-code/no-code technology, people can build modern applications, automate laborious activities, and integrate data from the cloud and on-premises. 

Such tools have become ubiquitous across organizations big and small. In some cases, low-code/no-code development has enabled major digital transformation initiatives, such as:

  • Expediting pharmaceutical experiments by transforming data collection and processing 
  • New financial services in banks and insurance companies such as quick-loan applications and mortgage comparison mechanisms 
  • Transforming manufacturing from being reliant on legacy on-premises infrastructure into being supported by hybrid cloud and no-code-based applications

Growth of Low-Code/No-Code Development


by 2025, 70% of all application development will be done with low-code/no-code platforms 


by 2023 large enterprises will have 4x more citizen developers than professional developers

The Risk

The challenge is that these new types of applications and resources can connect to external SaaS platforms, on-premises or cloud-based applications, and interact with sensitive data… with very little in the way of checks and balances.

The traditional Software Development Lifecycle does not exist within the world of low-code/no-code development. This, coupled with the fact that business users creating new apps, automations and integrations in their company likely do not fully comprehend the organization’s cybersecurity policies and procedures. 

All of this has created a new and frightening risk vector that every organization should take steps to mitigate. The lack of organizational oversight in no-code/low-code development can lead to data exfiltration, account impersonation, mishandling of PII, and much more. If the systems they work with aren’t set up to protect them (and the company) from mistakes, even the best-intentioned application can become a major security risk.    

The Gap:

Today, organizations lack:

  • Oversight and tracking of apps, automations, and integrations built using low-code/no-code development platforms
  • Ability to identify business-critical developments in real-time
  • Ability to identify and quickly regain control over orphaned or unused apps
  • Visibility for which applications and automations are storing, processing, and/or transferring data
  • Audit trail of applications and resources that are used for different purposes throughout their lifecycle
  • Ability to find and fix apps that harm other processes or apps (e.g. apps unintentionally DOSing internal systems, or causing huge costs with improper auto-scaling, or unintentionally deleting sensitive or critical data)

Zenity: Unleash low-code/no-code development

With Zenity, businesses can empower anyone using low-code/no-code development platforms, knowing that they can maintain compliance as new resources are created by professional and citizen developers alike. 

IT and AppSec teams can also ensure proper controls are present to monitor and enforce relevant policies and hygiene with full audit logs of who is building what, who is using what, and how data is being shared. With Zenity, enterprises can:

  • Identify business-level logic of applications and data flows
  • Gain visibility into which applications and automations have access to sensitive data
  • Flag risky data flows with remediation and triage steps 

Visibility At Scale

Zenity’s continuously updated cross-platform inventory ensures you always have full visibility of all applications, automations and integrations that are built using low-code/no-code platforms, so that you can be confident in your ability to meet audit and compliance requirements. With Zenity, you can see:

  • Who built which resources
  • Change logs for apps and automations
  • Who is accessing these resources
  • What types of data they are accessing 
  • Where that data is being sent
  • Which data the apps can manage
  • Visualizations to investigate resource relationships

Real-Time Compliance

With Zenity, you will have the ability to prove compliance with enhanced visibility, risk assessment and governance over all low-code/no-code development environments. Zenity’s unified platform allows you to be active about compliance, enabling you to meet and prove a variety of compliance requirements by leveraging our continuous vulnerability scanning, software composition analysis, and data flow analysis. Then, leverage automated playbooks and mitigation factors to natively govern all low-code/no-code development without stifling innovation. With Zenity you gain:

  • Continuous visibility into all low-code/no-code development
  • Identification of all resources that interact with sensitive data
  • The ability to maintain governance over sensitive data and resources by flagging violations, such as unencrypted communications and data leakage
  • Customized policies, playbooks, and out-of-the-box mitigation steps automatically to ensure least privilege and proper access
  • Strict control over all business critical apps/automations with dedicated security policies

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