Generative AI Development

The game has changed, and people are closer than ever to the cutting edge of technology… but also closer to data leaks

Harnessing Generative AI Means Governing Its Usage

Only Zenity can help enterprises unleash Gen AI development tools by detecting, assessing, and eliminating risks from apps, automations and copilots that professional and citizen developers are introducing. 

Our AISPM solution can reduce risks like data leakage that are introduced via hard-coded secrets, over-permissioned apps, security misconfigurations, and more that are increasingly common within AI development.

AI is Everywhere


By 2026, more than 80% of enterprises will have deployed Gen AI-enabled applications


By 2028, 75% of enterprise software engineers will use AI coding assistants

The Risks

Everyone is using Gen AI to build powerful apps, automations, and even their own AI copilots. As less technical users are building their own critical resources that use AI, similar risks crop up, but for new reasons. 
  • Lack of Visibility. Without proper security, it is nearly impossible to keep track of all the apps, automations, and copilots being created
  • Insecure by Design. With no SDLC to catch mistakes and plenty of risky default settings, less technical citizen developers are more prone to creating apps that leak data and/or are prone to attacks
  • Excessive Privileges and Access. In order to work, developers are knowingly and unknowingly empowering Gen AI apps and automations with more access and privilege rights than needed, leading to data leaks
  • Lack of Innovation. Without visibility or security guardrails, many organizations simply block business users from using Gen AI, resulting in lost productivity

Bring AppSec to Gen AI Development

AI has changed everything. However, leveraging Gen AI and all that it can do for digital transformation and business-led innovation should not come at the expense of security and governance. And vice versa. 

Zenity for Gen AI Development

Zenity is proud to bring security and posture management to the world of AI bots and applications (AISPM) through our first of its kind security and governance platform for low-code, no-code, and Gen AI development. Our capabilities include: 

  • Continuous scanning to identify apps and automations that use Generative AI, including user-built copilots
  • Implementing least privilege to ensure that corporate resources are only shared and used by authorized users (including limiting implicit sharing) 
  • Identifying apps, automations, and copilots that interact with sensitive data
  • Generating SBOM files for all apps and automations to identify each individual component within each individual app, preventing supply chain attacks
  • Implementing guardrails via playbooks and policies to enforce who can develop what (and how) within various low-code, no-code, and Gen AI development platforms

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