Bye-bye 2021, you have been a blast

What a busy year it has been for Zenity!

Zenity is proud to be the first and only governance and security platform for low-code/no-code applications, and of the unique path we have traveled to get here. 

Living and breathing technology in every aspect of our lives, we started as a small, enthusiastic team in love with the idea of application development democratization and what it takes to make sure that it is done securely.

During 2021 we have:

  • Built the best team of individuals who we are proud to call a family
  • Held hundreds (!!!) of customer validation discussions, aiming to solve the right problem in the right way
  • Worked closely with some of the best organizations in the world, inspiring innovative people!
  • Delivered the world’s first and only governance and security platform for low-code/no-code applications
  • Successfully released multiple major versions of our platform
  • Onboarded Fortune 1000 organizations from different verticals to our SaaS governance and security platform
  • Established close relationships with top-notch customers and partners, for which we are extremely grateful and proud
  • Established the world’s first low-code security knowledge base, including the release of over 10 blogs and articles, including one on DarkReading!
  • Created the world’s first low-code/no-code glossary
  • Moved to a new office – you should definitely stop by and visit 🙂
  • Emerged from stealth
  • Held dozens of calls with investors from all over the world 
  • Interviewed over 100 people for various open roles throughout the year

What did we learn?

We can speak about what we learned for hours, starting from the importance of choosing the right partners, how to build a company from scratch, selecting vendors and partners to work with, recruiting, product-market-fit and so many more things.

Here are the top points we thought are worth mentioning:

  • Low-code/no-code is even greater than we originally thought: so many  platforms, use cases, personas and capabilities. We are excited to be the first company in the world that is focusing on how to secure this space.
  • No 3 Ps, but a single P: People. Along the way we have met so many people who wanted to work/invest/hear/partner with us. It is really about finding people who are enthusiastic about the mutual journey, through good and bad times.
  • Persistence is key, but so is the ability to hear and learn. The North Star is always there, but along the way there are so many decisions to take, and things change. We have learned that listening to people who are involved with us makes us better, even if we choose to follow a different path.
  • Dreamers are unique; many prefer the safe, conservative way, and always have a NO ready. We are different, and we dream big. We have looked to solve a unique, unexplored problem space, and we are looking for partners who are passionate about new territories.
  • We have a brilliant team, a real A-team. We are proud of our super talented individuals who are passionate about bridging the tension between security professionals and business-led development. We are also special in the sense of balancing engineering excellency with great customer empathy, and balancing eagerness to learn and improve with precise execution deadlines.
  • Our customers and partners are security professionals who understand the risks in low-code/no-code development, their part in the shared responsibility model, and their role as modern security organizations. They want to be a part of the business and enable growth. They know exactly what they need and expect from our platform, are excited to share their feedback and take part in the development of our platform. We are getting better every day thanks to mutual work and continuous feedback.
  • Our investors are awesome! They enable us to work and focus on growing the business in the way that we find makes sense, and at the same time are always there to help with whatever we ask: connections, hiring or brainstorming. Again, it is all about the people.

“2022 is the year of low-code/no-code”

We can’t stress enough how many times we have heard this from so many CIOs and CISOs of large (and huge!) companies over the last eight months. As avid believers in these technologies, we are happy to see more power in the hands of business users, enabling them to develop what they need, when they need it, on their own.

Zenity is ready to help individuals and organizations who are either looking to continue extensive adoption of or aiming to promote low-code/no-code platforms to do that in a secure and governed way.

Our governance and security platform is agnostic to the low-code/no-code technologies that organizations are using, thus our focus for 2022 will be on adding even greater value via new security features across the visibility, risk management, governance and threat detection pillars. We are also planning to expand our customer outreach and work with organizations as early as their low-code/no-code journey begins. Whether you are using Microsoft Power Platform, Salesforce, Mendix, Appian, Workato, Zapier, BettyBlocks or others, we want to be there with you, helping you to gain the benefits of application development democratization while retaining visibility and control.

To our existing partners and customers: we remain committed to hearing you, working closely together through your feedback and requests, and always improving.

To our team: we commit to staying laser-focused on the success of the company, to making sure that you tackle interesting challenges at work, to providing you with career growth opportunities, and to supporting you during these unprecedented times with whatever you need to be safe and healthy.

2022 is also going to be the year where we are planning to grow even more and add more talent to the team. We invite you to follow our Linkedin and Twitter pages and our careers page to see which positions are open at any given time.

Go low-code!

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