AI and Low-Code / No-Code: Friends or Foes?

June 28th at 11am EST / 8am PST

As ChatGPT and Generative AI take the world by storm, the underlying reason is that people are always looking to leverage technology to maximize outputs, increase speed, and remove obstacles for end users. The same goes for low-code/no-code development, where businesses are enabling both professional and citizen developers to use visual interfaces and drag and drop templates to enable people from all technical backgrounds to create applications, automations, workflows, and more.

Many are speculating that this is a zero sum game, where AI is poised to subsume low-code/no-code development, and everything else in its path. However, many low-code/no-code platforms, like Microsoft and Salesforce are introducing AI into the platforms which further accelerates the rate at which business users can create and build useful applications.

Join us for this webinar, led by Zenity Software Engineering Manager Lana Salameh, and Marketing Director Andrew Silberman, where we will separate myth with reality as far as how AI and low-code/no-code development complement one another, rather than destroy.


Lana Salameh

Software Engineering Manager

Andrew Silberman

Director of Marketing

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