Global AppSec Dublin: Credential Sharing As A Service: The Dark Side Of No

Why focus on heavily guarded crown jewels when you can dominate an organization through its shadow IT?

Low-Code applications have become a reality in the enterprise, with surveys showing that most enterprise apps are now built outside of IT, with lacking security practices. Unsurprisingly, attackers have figured out ways to leverage these platforms for their gain. In this talk, we demonstrate a host of attack techniques found in the wild, where enterprise No-Code platforms are leveraged and abused for every step in the cyber killchain.
You will learn how attackers perform an account takeover by making the user simply click a link, move laterally and escalate privileges with zero network traffic, leave behind an untraceable backdoor, and automate data exfiltration, to name a few capabilities. All capabilities will be demonstrated with POCs, and their source code will be shared. Next, we will drop two isolation-breaking vulnerabilities that allow for privilege escalation and cross-tenant access. We will explain how these vulnerabilities were discovered and assess their pre-discovery impact. Finally, we will introduce an open-source recon tool that identifies opportunities for lateral movement and privilege escalation through low-code platforms.