CTO Michael Bargury’s Thoughts on Low-Code Security Featured on Dark Reading

We are proud to have thought leaders at the head of Zenity. Michael Bargury, Zenity co-founder and CTO, recently published an in-depth piece on Dark Reading, one of the most widely read cybersecurity news sites and online communities for cybersecurity professionals. The piece was chosen for Dark Reading’s “The Edge,” a featured section that presents deep dives into cybersecurity issues.

Michael’s article, “Addressing the Low-Code Security Elephant in the Room,” spells out the complexity of security for low-code/no-code platforms and applications and suggests the precedent of the Shared Responsibility Model. He discusses the four different layers of low-code applications and development choices such as connectors or custom components that affect security. Finally, Michael discusses the applicability of the Shared Responsibility Model (developed for cloud computing) to the low-code security challenge and shares his recommendations on who should own each of the security risks.

We invite you over to Dark Reading to read the full article. Empower yourself with a deeper understanding of low-code/no-code’s security challenges and potential approaches for addressing them.

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