AI Has Your Business Data

Some of the world’s largest tech companies, like Google and Microsoft, have embedded AI into their business productivity suites, with Microsoft going a step further and releasing AI Copilot for Power Apps, its low-code platform. This integration has raised concerns over the decision-making power granted to business users to integrate data with AI and grant access, which can be done without oversight or control from IT. Furthermore, low-code/no-code platforms often use credentials sharing to avoid approval processes, leading to credential sharing as a service, which negates the enterprise permission model and causes data leakage.

Low-code/no-code platforms have already given business users newfound freedom by allowing them to build applications without relying on IT or waiting for resources. This has resulted in tens or hundreds of thousands of applications, mostly built without oversight or control. The addition of AI to low-code/no-code platforms will enable users to create applications simply by asking for what they want, making it easy for business users to leverage enterprise data without clear oversight or guidance. The problem of credential sharing and data leakage has been a major issue with low-code/no-code applications, which AI will only magnify the scale of.

I invite you to read my latest article on DarkReading to learn more and understand how AI and ChatGPT specifically take low-code/no-code development into yet another new era.

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