Zenity Trust Center

At Zenity we care about our customers privacy. We secure and protect the information of our customers worldwide with absolute transperency.

Security is in our DNA

We are committed to keeping our customers’ data secure by aligning with the strictest security measures available on the market, so you can stay assured that your data is kept safe.

Your privacy is our priority

We fully believe that customer data belong to the customer. We value the fact that you have chosen to share some of these data with us, but know that your personal data belong to you. We honor your trust in us and we will strive to ensure that your privacy and rights are protected.

Transparency is key

Transparency is the key to every successful relationship. As we put your privacy and security as a priority we share all our policies with our customers, so you can always keep track of your information.​

Compliance & Certifications

We follow strict international standards and regulations in order to keep your data safe