Securing Citizen Development at TIAA

Gartner estimates that “by 2025, 70% of new applications developed by enterprises will use low-code or no-code technologies.” 

TIAA is investing heavily in Generative AI, having launched new initiatives (CS&T 2.0) to put the organization at the forefront of digital innovation for their customers and clients; but who is making sure these AI initiatives are secure? 

Zenity is the first company to offer comprehensive support for securing and governing Generative Al development, as well as low-code and no-code environments.

Secure AI Development

Empower business users of all technical backgrounds to build apps, automations, and even their own Copilots

Prevent Data Leakage

Facilitate effective data control by identifying which apps, automations, and Copilots process, store, and access sensitive data

Maintain Visibility

Continuously scan low-code and Gen AI platforms to identify who is building which apps and automations

6 Microsoft Copilot Studio Vulnerabilities in 4 Minutes

Securing your Citizen Development Environments

How can TIAA keep up with Citizen Development? With the most comprehensive security governance platform in the world.


  • Gain insight into how many people are making apps and automations across your low and no-code environments
  • Spot unused and unowned resources
  • Catalogue all resources as they are built
  •  Keep up with the volume of apps and automations in real time.

Risk Assessment

  • Analyze each individual app, automation, and Copilot and identify risks according to OWASP and MITRE frameworks
  • Inform security teams why violations were flagged, what the risk is, and identify next steps


  • Incorporate out of the box policies that can be personalized to fit your risk profile and flag violations in real time 
  • Implement “if/then” playbooks to mitigate risky apps and automations, stop flows from leaking data, and limit over-sharing of apps
  • Maintain autonomous security for less-technical users creating powerful apps, ensuring they’re built properly

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