Security Governance
for No-Code/Low-Code Applications

Accelerate citizen and business-led development, risk free

Business-led development is here

No-Code/Low-Code platforms are sweeping the world!

From RPA through workflow automation and application development platforms, anyone can create apps, automate processes or integrate systems with their user-friendly drag&drop interfaces. Since such platforms do not require advanced technical skills, they are ideal for business users, giving the business and them the benefits of immediate solutions to critical needs.

The new wave of IT decentralization

No-Code/Low-Code platforms empower business users.

Business users (or “citizen developers”) are significantly greater in number than pro-developers, and they create many more No-Code/Low-Code apps, automations and integrations than code-based ones every year. No-Code/Low-Code development has a significant impact on business velocity, efficiency and scalability, while reducing their costs of maintenance and development.

SaaS grow with No-Code/Low-Code

Business critical SaaS applications have built-in No-Code/Low-Code capabilities, such that enable their users to customize them, automate manual error-prone processes, connect to external SaaS, on-premise or cloud based applications, or build new digital solutions on top of them.

   By 2025, 70% of all application development will be done with low-code/no-code platforms, and 66% of large firms will be using at least four different low-code application building platforms   

Zenity Got You Coverd

Secure Software Development Life Cycle

Secure dev awareness


Environment separation

Vulnerability scanners during dev stages

Runtime app monitoring


No-Code/Low-Code goes from Build to Production without security governance and tooling

Zenity Got You Coverd

Bridge the gap between citizen development and security


Get visibility and control over your No-Code/Low-Code estate with an up-to-date cross-platform discovery and inventory of applications, automations, data objects and connectors.

Risk Assessment

Maintain a 24/7 updated risk status of your No-Code/Low-Code environments, set or customize guardrails, identify policy violations, and detect security vulnerabilities.


Ensure compliance and enforce policies, create and activate playbooks to automate management and remediation processes.
Unleash productivity, promote digital transformation.

Bridge the gap between citizen development and security

Enabling Business-Led Development Securely

Introducing The First and Only No-Code/Low-Code
Security Governance Platform


Identify Shadow IT, business-led, No-Code /Low-Code apps, automations and integrations

Track data movement

Maintain an updated cross-platform inventory of all No-Code/Low-Code components

Explore the resource graph to learn about No-Code/Low-Code usage and relationships


Continuous risk assessment

Identify insecure configurations and security vulnerabilities in all No-Code/Low-Code components

Drive immediate fixes with remediation actions


Design and implement governance policies

Enforce playbooks and automated actions

Drive management and remediation processes


Identify suspicious activity and abused platforms, environments, apps and automations

Detect malicious automations resulting in data exfiltration, ransomware and DoS attacks

Activate immediate and automated response

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