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October 19, 2021

Low-Code for Dummies - An Overview of Low-Code Through Examples

Preface While the mission statement of the Zenity Low-Code Security Blog is to help organizations adopt low-code platforms securely and with confidence, we often find ourselves explaining basic low-code concepts and principles - mostly to those who are not familiar with the day-to-day low-code development process. Since our blog will cover many critical topics related […]
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October 12, 2021

Hackers Abuse Low-Code Platforms And Turn Them Against Their Owners

Low-code development platforms open the way for greater independence and efficiency for business users. Unfortunately, they sometimes also open the way for attackers, as a result of poor low-code security practices, especially as low-code application security tries to catch up with traditional application security. Last year, Microsoft’s Detection and Response Team (DART) published the timeline […]
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October 5, 2021

Low-Code SDLC - Build Fast, Stay Secure

Low-code application development provides a solution for a wide range of business needs, from business applications through process automation and integrations. Low-code platforms are becoming a key technology behind the ongoing digital transformation trend, and as such, adoption of low-code platforms is soaring. However, low-code is as much a revolution as it is an exciting […]
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