About Us

Zenity is the first and only governance and security platform for low-code/no-code applications. Zenity creates a win-win environment where IT and information security can give business and pro developers the independence they want to move the business forward while retaining full visibility and control.

Our Story

Two things stood out to Zenity founders Ben Kliger and Michael Bargury in their extensive cybersecurity experience: developers thrive with freedom, and information security professionals thrive with control.

The low-code/no-code revolution has been thrilling for pro and citizen developers, but daunting for information security professionals, inviting frequent conflicts of “we need this!” vs. “no, we can’t use that; it’s not secure!“.

Ben and Michael saw that all existing application and development security solutions were designed for traditional development and could not transfer to the low-code/no-code environment. Working closely with Fortune 500 companies, they realized that the need for a security and governance solution designed for low-code/no-code was paramount, so they created one: Zenity.

Our Vision

Using Zenity, CIOs, CISOs and relevant stakeholders have the potential to become powerful business enablers and key figures in the business growth process by securely opening up new development channels.

Our Leadership

Ben Kliger

CEO & Co-Founder

Michael Bargury

CTO & Co-Founder

Ronen Yaari


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