A New World of Interconnected Modern Business Applications

Low-code/no-code development and automation platforms are the wave of the future. The largest companies in the world are already adopting low-code/no-code development for their core business units. But with all their benefits, low-code/no-code development brings with it a host of governance challenges and risks that are unaddressed by existing InfoSec and AppSec solutions.

Business Continuity

Lack of visibility and governance can result in widely adopted yet unowned applications which break or overload resources.


Business application logic, built to enable easy data access and transfer, elevates vulnerability or corruption of sensitive data.


Ungoverned applications can lead to exposure and misuse of employee and customer PII, magnified by the inability to produce data flow tracking and audit records

Our Platform

Continuously protecting all low-code/no-code applications and components!
Design and implement governance policies, identify security risks, detect emerging threats and drive automatic mitigation and response.


Identify shadow-IT business applications across your low-code/no-code fleet and track sensitive and business data movement.


Identify insecure, vulnerable and risky configurations. Drive mitigation and remediation immediately.


Design policies and implement automatic enforcement. Eliminate risks without disrupting business.


Detect suspicious and malicious activity, such as supply-chain attacks, malware obfuscation and data leakage.

The 7 Deadly Sins of Low-Code Security and How to Avoid Them.

Read about the actions and your potential risks and what you need to do in order to be protected

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